BICYCLE MAINTENANCE: How to service Shimano SPD clipless pedals

1260283813128-ae8kbr0w8rwk-850-65 has published another one of its handy workshop guides; this time on how to clean and service Shimano SPD (mountain bike) clipless pedals.  The article is a 16 step guide to servicing SPD pedals.  They use a pair of XTR pedals to illustrate the process.  The article covers the following steps:

  1. Washing pedals
  2. Removal of the pedals from the bike;
  3. Striping the pedals down … vice is handy here;
  4. Servicing the bearings;
  5. Re-assembling the pedal components;
  6. Lubrication;
  7. Adjustment;
  8. Go ride.

All the steps are well explained and supported with photos. Well worth a read if you are considering servicing your pedals and you have access to a bench vice.

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