Brooks saddles grace my rides

I admit, I am a Brooks saddle tragic and have a Brooks B17N on Froggie and a Brooks B17 on Sir Lancelot and plan to purchase a Swift or a Swallow for Froggie, moving the B17N to Julia.

So the purpose of this post is to share these two videos reminding us of the history and beauty of a Brooks saddle and to share a little on my Brooks Saddle experiences.

Natural-Bridge-Lookout-JanuWith respect to my two saddles, I have had a far more positive experience with the B17 than the B17N. The B17 is currently installed on Sir Lancelot and prior to that served time on Chase, so it has done over 10,000 km now.  As a first time Brooks owner I did make the mistake of over treating it (treated it fairly regularly with Proofide in the early stages which was a mistake, causing it to sag. Re-tensioning has resolved this little issue and I find the saddle very comfortable and suited to the Surly Long Haul Trucker.

The B17N fitted to my Look 555  has proved a less suitable choice of saddle, taking sometime to break-in. I suspect this is in part due to my part-time riding of Froggie (mainly a weekend ride for most of the year during this break-in period) and the riding position on Froggie. I am not sure that the B17N is the right saddle for this bike and will be replacing it with a B15 Swallow Titanium funds permitting or a Swallow or Swift Chrome if the budget does not allow for a high end Swallow.  The B17N will then go to Julia my Giant XTC 2 mountain bike where I suspect the more upright riding position will suit the saddle.

Either way, all my bikes will be Brooks equipped 🙂

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  1. Alex 23 May 2012 at 9:33 PM #

    Hey Andrew, I’m using the B17N on my commuter and was wondering how you’re going with it now?

    I think I may have made a mistake getting this as I don’t really feel like there’s enough room on the saddle for me! Also despite having the nose up a bit I’m always feeling like it’s pushing me forward.

    It’s comfortable enough, but I really struggle to find the place I’m supposed to sit… I end up with the impression I sit forward of the optimal position.

    Have you experienced anything like this?

    • Aushiker 24 May 2012 at 9:56 AM #

      Alex, I moved the Brooks B17N in the end to the Giant XTC MTB where it works well. The Look 555 ended up getting a Team Professional which has worked out well for me as well.

      The Brooks saddles tend to have a limited amount of saddle rail so you may find it hard to get the optimum position. One possible solution is a slight tilt upwards of the nose. Brooks England recommend a flat to slight upwards nose position. Maybe worth a try?

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