Kiwi’s Get Smart with cyclists warning sign to save lives

271209NZHBPSIGN1_460x230 The New Zealand Herald is reporting on the installation of a cyclist warning sign in the City of Auckland.  Auckland City has installed the warning sign at a cost of NZ$60,000.  Auckland City network performance manager Karen Hay compared the cost of NZ$60,000 with an estimated social cost of NZ$1.9 million from the crashes which injured the 12 cyclists at the same  intersection, two seriously.

Although no cyclists have been killed on Tamaki Drive where the sign has been installed in the past five years, the council has calculated a cost of about $9.8 million for 39 injury crashes at 15 intersections along the way, of which Ngapipi Rd is the most notorious.

The Herald goes on to report that “the prominent 5m sign, which began operating last week, flashes up in orange lights when approaching city-bound cyclists ride over loops in the road surface in Tamaki Drive, about 30m east of the intersection.

It warns motorists facing away from the city while queuing up to turn right at the intersection, into Ngapipi Rd, that cyclists are about to cross their bows from the opposite direction.”

This is by all accounts a very positive move by Council and I really do hope it is effective in eliminating crashes at the intersection and that smart Councils here in Australia take up this idea.

While is not fantastic to measure a life in dollar terms it is also good to see the Council understanding at least one aspect of the social implications of vehicle crashes.

Kudos to Auckland City and the Herald for reporting on the initiative in a positive manner.

My thanks to AudaxAustralia for drawing this article to my attention.

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