Life on the road in 2010 – Week 1

The purpose of this series of posting is to summarise my week on the bike and exercising in general etc.  My week runs from Thursday to Friday, so Week 1 for me in 2010 is from January 1, 2010 through to January 7, 2010.




Friday, January 1 36.83 km on the bike Rode to Fremantle. First ride after a week off playing Dad.  I found it hard to get rhythm along Melville Waters. Warm riding into the winds all the way to Fremantle.
Saturday, January 2 129.12 km on the bike Prison Break Audax ride (100 km). I rode from Fremantle to the start and back again. A very hot ride which had a strong impact on my performance. Pacemaker kicked in a fair bit which did not help either.
Sunday, January 3 Rest day
Monday January 4 53.55 km on the bike On holidays so an extended commute home from Fremantle. South into the south/easterly for awhile before swinging north on the Kwinana Freeway PSP. Rode Russell Road which was a mixed experience.

At a cross roads heading east (primary road) I had a car pull up besides me, no left hand indicator, so I assumed it was going right. It wasn’t. It suddenly started to turn left on me, I yelled and braked full on, the driver realised they where going to take out the island on the road to the left and took evasive action to miss the island entering the road on the wrong side. There is no way the driver could not have seen me and knew what they where doing and I suspect new they had done wrong as he or she did slow down after the incident as if they where checking all was okay. Unfortunately I didn’t get the licence plate.

Tuesday January 5 99.28 km on the bike Two Rides today:

  1. South Perth Rouleurs Moderate Ride: Dragged myself out of bed this morning to have a go with the South Perth Rouleurs moderate group which rides the river, starting at the northern end of the narrows. The warm-up up Mounts Bay Road has hitting 40 km/h + and it went from there. I got dropped on the Mosman Park hill and then picked up the group at the re-group. I stayed with them till the Stirling Highway traffic bridge at North Fremantle and then was pretty much on my own from there. I am not ready yet for their pace.
  2. Churchlands to Fremantle River commute:  Hot ride into the wind pretty much all the way to Fremantle. Felt sluggish on the early part of the ride and then found my rear brake rubbing against the rim! Sorting that out made a difference 🙂
Wednesday January 6 74.89 km on the bike Two rides today:

  1. Fremantle to Churchlands River commute:  Slight variation on my normal river ride. I bypassed Fremantle town, coming out on the river at the intersection of East Street instead. Winds where not favourable with a fresh north-westerly for the ride today. This combined with the heat made it a harder ride than normal. I focused more on my cadence this ride which was good for me.
  2. First ride with the South Perth Rouleurs novice group in Kings Park. Found it much harder going than I expected due dead legs, dead roads, headwinds and climbing five times.
Thursday January 7 Rest day
Totals Total Bike Kilometres:393.67 km for the week;
393.67 km for the year.


101 kg; Lost two kg this week;
Total weight loss for 2010: Two kg.

On the weight front, I started the year in a less than healthy position at 103 kg and I ended the week at 101 kg, so a small start on getting myself sorted.  My target for the month end is 95 kg, so still six kg to go.  I know I really need to work on changing my love of food to get this one sorted once and for all.
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