Life on the road in 2010 – Week 2

The purpose of this series of posting is to summarise my week on the bike and exercising in general etc.  My week runs from Thursday to Friday, so Week 2 for me in 2010 is from January 8, 2010 through to January 14, 2010.




Friday, January 8 44.97 km on the bike Two rides:

  1. Quick ride up to the library followed by a circuit of Lake Herdsman. Sir Lancelot’s first ride for 2010.
  2. Varied the route between Canning Bridge and East Fremantle, following the marked bike route, which is not as steep but the climb is longer. Not sure this was the best choice as even though I focused on my cadence I still did not average 90.
Saturday, January 9 106.56 km on the bike Two rides:

  1. Rode well with the Freo Wheelers for most of the ride, placing third in the Mounts Bay Road sprint but then hit the wall, getting dropped in Nedlands. Never caught up again. Still averaged 30 km/h on the actual ride.
  2. Good ride home. Much better than I expected. I again focused on cadence and recovery and it came through.
Sunday, January 10 20.71 km on the bike Just the one ride, a hard one into the wind (46 km/h) along the railway line from Churchlands to Fremantle.
Monday January 11 74.23 km on the bike Getting back into my normal commute mode this week. Mondays are Fremantle to Joondalup with the wind or a cross wind in the morning followed by a beating back along the coast to Churchlands in the afternoon. More of a beating today with gusts to 50 km/h coming in off the coast.
Tuesday January 12 80.42 km on the bike A reverse of Monday’s ride with the morning going from Churchlands to Joondalup (extended it a bit this week going around the southern end of Bold Park first) followed by an afternoon ride into the Fremantle Doctor to Fremantle. 52 km/h headwinds this afternoon.
Wednesday January 13 75.18 km on the bike Back to Joondalup with a cross wind and then return to Churchlands in the afternoon. Wind eased off this afternoon (32 km/h) but I was not noticing it!
Thursday January 14 56.71 km on the bike. Today was a loaded ride on Sir Lancelot taking to the office a week’s worth of clothes and bringing the old lot home. Took to the coast in the morning for a slow but pleasant ride and then returned by the Freeway. A just want to get home ride.
Totals for the Week Total Bike Kilometres:458.78 km for the week;
852.45 km for the year.


100.2 kg; Lost 800 grams this week;
Total weight loss for 2010: 2.8 kg.

BikeJournal Rankings:

On the weight front, I started the year in a less than healthy position at 103 kg and I ended the week at 100.2 kg, so a small start on getting myself sorted.  My target for the month end is 95 kg, so still 5.2 kg to go.  I know I really need to work on changing my love of food to get this one sorted once and for all.
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