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Look 555 “Froggie” 2010 #2 Service

Froggie, my Look 555 today received his second service for 2010 at 12,534 km, approximately 1,100 km since the last service.  I try to do regular services at 500 km intervals (winter-spring) and 1,000 km services during the summer-autumn period.  Anyway, this service consists of: Degreasing the chain using a Park’s Tool CM-5 Cyclone Chain […]

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Why do some hate Lycra?

An interesting letter written by Geoff Owen of Wembley was published in the Post, February 27, 2010 questioning the apparent hatred of “Lycra wearing” cyclists, or more correctly the use of the word “Lycra” to demean a group of people.  I thought Mr Owen’s letter was constructive so I penned the following reply which I […]

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Life on the Road in 2010 – Week 8

The purpose of this series of posting is to summarise my week on the bike and exercising in general etc.  My week runs from Thursday to Friday, so Week 8 for me in 2010 is from February 19, 2010 through to February 25, 2010. Date Exercise Comments Totals for the Week Total Bike Kilometres:346.83 km […]

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