Life on the Road – Week 13

The purpose of this series of posting is to summarise my week on the bike and exercising in general.  My week runs from Thursday to Friday, so Week 13 for 2010 is from March 26, 2010 through to April 1, 2010. 




Totals for the Week Total Bike Kilometres:  

160.69 km for the week;  
3,735.14 km for the year.


99.2 kg; No movement. 
Total weight loss for 2010: 3.6 kg.

BikeJournal Rankings:

  • Australian Cycling Forums Club – 13th. Dropped back one place in the rankings.
  • BikeJournal overall ranking – 101 st. Dropped back a further 12 places!

Back commuting, well sort. Had family commitments early in the week so mileage down. Weekly average is 287.32 km a week. Would like to get back up to 400 km a week by year end but that is looking like it will be very hard now.

On the weight front, I started the year in a less than healthy position at 103 kg and I ended the week at 99.2 kg, so no change which is really frustrating. My target for the month end is 98 kg and I didn’t make it. 

On I dropped out of the top 100 so my revised goal is to get back there!

In respect to the Australian Cycling Forums Club at my current goal is make the top 10; forget about the top five!

Friday, March 26, 2010 0 km on the bike 
0 km running
No riding today. Family commitments
Saturday, March 27, 2010 21 km on the bike 
0 km running
Road south into to Fremantle into a 35 km/h SW wind. Very gusty.
Sunday, March 28, 2010 0 km on the bike 
0 km running
Spent the day with Anne.
Monday, March 29, 2010 27 km on the bike
0 km running
Having had a week off the bike due to travel to Singapore and coming back with a wog, it was nice to get back into commuting this morning. Still not feeling the best so took the easy route and headed up the northern PSP into nice 35 km/h north-easterly gusts. Still signs of storm debris on the path at various points with some, "whoops, need to swerve" sand patches further north. Besides that a good ride, just a little chilly heading out door, sunny skies and but only a few riders to be seen.
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 43 km on the bike  
0 km running

Joondalup to Fremantle. Quite a pleasant ride south this afternoon, the south-westerly was playing nice at around 17 km/h off the water at Ocean Reef. Traffic seemed a bit light on as well; mind you not to many bikes around either. That said did I have a bit fun trying to chase a rider down along Curtin Avenue. It at least spiced up the ride near the end.
Only other drama on the ride was getting caught out by sand in the bike lane in the roundabout at Constellation Drive/Hodges Drive intersection. I went into the roundabout as I do in the bike lane with a car on my right and one coming up behind. About half-way through spotted the sand pile … couldn’t go wide due to the vehicles, so shot for what seemed the thinnest layer of sand. Outcome, front wheel broke loose, I bounced off the curb twice, but thankfully managed to get it under control. Gave me a scare but, as I sure as hell didn’t want to go down into the lane.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 43 km on the bike
0 km running

Fremantle to Joondalup. Pulled out of Fremantle around 6:15 AM. Definitely getting into arm warmer temperatures now. Tailwind this morning from the south-west around 17 km/h so made good time trough to Scarborough. Decided to stick to West Coast Highway as I was travelling good and of course then had to have the semi+trailer "driver" decided to see how close he could get and then he signalled he was pulling back into the lane! He didn’t get out it! Balance of the ride was good, if a bit slower. Only a few riders out around Cottesloe including a girl, probably 12-13 years old riding in a group of four who passed me when I was doing about 35 km/h and promptly dropped me! Humbling for sure.
The highlight but was seeing a recumbent rider, with a box on the back of the frame and in the box was brown dog (Kelpie or similar in size). No helmet for the dog but 🙂

Thursday, April 1, 2010 26 km on the bike
0 km running
There was meant to be a 30 km/h SW head-wind but it wasn’t that noticeable on the Freeway PSP so a good ride south this afternoon. Only issue was the amount of sand and debris on the path, particularly between Ocean Reef Road and Hodges Drive.
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