Cycling has pitfalls – Comments by Western Hugh

A fun commentary on cycling or rather commuting Western Hugh in the April 13, 2010 issue of the Western Suburbs Weekly.  I have download the article as a PDF as it is a bit of hassle to link to them at their website. It can be found here.

To give you a taste of Western Hugh’s world of cycling here are some quotes from the article:

As the proud owner of a new but seemingly already antiquated commuter bike, it often feels like I have fallen off the edge of the evolutionary cycle path.

Cyclists on the state-of-the art racing bikes fly past me with depressing regularity, making my work commute just another variant of the madness ensuring on adjoining roads.

The new species of cyclist, like me, leaves no carbon footprint, but with carbon fibre running through their streamlined, sleek physiques and bike frames, they are like the automatons from some futuristic war.

I have to say I am bit of a fan of the Community Newspapers nowadays due to their quite positive take on cycling.

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