Bicycle NSW Commuter Challenge


BNSW LogoOkay this is a Bicycle NSW program, but I tested it out to see if I could sign-up and I could so here it is. I am really posting this as an opportunity for those who maybe don’t ride or don’t ride often to take up the challenge. It is really quite simple. Once you are registered you are sent a Excel spreadsheet to record your rides. Once you have completed 500 km send it in.

From the Commuter Challenge website:

The Bicycle NSW Commuter Challenge is an initiative to encourage and reward individuals to cycle all or part of the journey to work and to also encourage cycling outside of the workplace – for transport, fitness and recreation.

Why take part?

The aim of the challenge is to reward those already cycling for transport, fitness and/or recreation and to inspire those who are considering cycling as an alternative to their existing forms of transport or those that want to begin cycling as a leisure activity.

bike-commuter-1How does it work?

The challenge invites individuals to register and accumulate 500km of cycling by either riding to work or outside of work (e.g. with family, as part of a cycling club, for transport etc). There are great prizes and incentives for taking part and completing the challenge including cycle computers, Bicycle NSW memberships, a range of cycling accessories and free entry to a number of cycling events (including Sydney’s largest recreational cycling event – Spring Cycle 2010).

To register, just complete the registration form (Survey Monkey) here. Easy as.

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