2010 Light Up Survey – Winter Reminder

The issue of the ninja bike rider along with the question of what is a good light are topics that are get a lot of life on forums such as the Australian Cycling Forums.

Our choice of lights or not on dual use paths and roads so often amaze me. From the ninjas to those who “think” they can seen with those little knog style lights to the 900 lumen specials pointing straight into other riders eyes (please try pointing them down a bit so you can actually see properly with them!)

So on the topic of lights, Bicycle Victoria is running a survey with the purpose of getting a better understanding about our choices as cyclists as to why we use or don’t use lights.  I am not sure the survey will actually achieve this aim but I am sure some data is better than no data.

Therefore please consider completing the survey.  It is open until September 19, 2010.


Please click here to complete the Bicycle Vitoria 2010 Light Up! Survey


The survey is conducted by Bicycle Victoria in conjunction with Victoria Police, RoadSafe Inner Melbourne and the cities of Melbourne, Yarra and Port Phillip.

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