Life on the Road in 2010 – Week 20

The purpose of this series of posting is to summarise my week on the bike and exercising in general.  My week runs from Thursday to Friday, so Week 20 for 2010 is from May 14, 2010 through to May 20, 2010.

Walking distance is based on the use of a Global Corporate Challenge pedometer and their calculation that 1,563 steps equals 1 km. The Challenge officially starts on May 20, 2010.




Totals for the Week Total Bike Kilometres:202 km for the week;
5,795 km for the year.


99.8 kg; No change.
Total weight loss for 2010: 3.0 kg.

BikeJournal Rankings:

  • Australian Cycling Forums Club – 12th. Dropped three places in the rankings.
  • BikeJournal overall ranking – 117th. Dropped 13 places in the rankings.
Another short week on the bike as I had disruptions to my riding over the weekend. Weekly average is 290 km a week. Would like to get back up to 400 km a week by year end.

On the weight front, I started the year in a less than healthy position at 103 kg. My weight at the end of the week is 99.8 kg. My target for the month end is 98 kg.

On I have dropped out of the Top 100 so now need to work on getting back there! 168.5 km off the pace.

In respect to the Australian Cycling Forums Club at I now dropped out of the Top 10. Damn!

Friday, May 14, 2010 0 km on the bike
0 km running
Off the bike today. Car had to be used for transport.
Saturday, May 15, 2010 0 km on the bike
0 km running
6.75 km walking
No bike at Fremantle so no riding plus playing Dad this weekend. That said got 6.75 km of walking in.
Sunday, May 16, 2010 36 km on the bike
0 km running
11.30 km walking
Playing Dad but did some walking.Churchlands to Fremantle via the River on the Look 555. For the first time in ages I got the opportunity to take the “long” route to Fremantle heading south on the Southern PSP before turning west at Canning Bridge to follow the river. Albeit all in the dark, it still was a nice ride and I got up the pinch hill just a bit better than last time 🙂 The wind was from the south-west at 11 to 13 km/h.
Monday, May 17, 20103 44 km on the bike
0 km running
3.46 km walking
AM Fremantle to Joondalup via the coast on the Look 555. Late start this morning which helped me avoid the trucks on Tydeman Road but not the cold. Time to add the Ground Effects Baked Beanie to the clothing mix me thinks. Balance of the ride was nice, with the ocean looking good as so often is the case.
Tuesday, May 18, 2010 43 km on the bike
0 km running
4.90 km walking
PM Joondalup to Fremantle on the Look 555. Great ride south this evening with the wind in my favour for a change; a nice 26 to 30 km/h NNW. Ride was topped off with a challenge from a couple of dudes on flat bars along Curtin Avenue and the up pass Leighton Beach. Managed to drop the first rider fairly easily but the second one drafting off the first guy before coming after me had me working hard, hitting over 50 km/h as I climbed the rise at Leighton Beach. Still managed to hold him off before they turned left at the “no entry” sign.
Wednesday, May 19, 2010 44 km on the bike
0 km running
4.25 km walking
Fremantle to Joondalup on the Look 555. Opposite to last night’s ride. Wind was still from the north-west at 24 km/h. My legs where sore so the ride was slower with my getting in about 10 minutes off the pace. Other than that it was beaut riding weather along the coast.
Thursday, May 20, 2010 43 km on the bike
0 km running
4.06 km walking
Joondalup to Churchlands via the Coast on the Look 555. Beaut afternoon/evening for riding; wind was light from the south-east at around 15 km/h. Pulled out of the office around 4:30 PM and headed towards the coast. Decided to do a little exploring of other routes when I realised I had left my backpack at the office. Back I went … 12 km and 1/2 hour or so later I am back exploring. I have found a nice variation of my southern route which will at least allow me to approach one of my least favourable roundabouts from a different direction; a better direction. From here I just rode my normal route with a diversion to the hole in the wall at Floreat. All up a nice ride home in the evening.
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