2010 Cofidis Pro Team Bike

Being a bit of a Look tragic, I thought I would post continue my previous postings of the Look bikes ridden by Cofidis, Le Crédit par Téléphone the professional cycling team.  This blog posting is photos of the 2010 Look bike as ridden by Cofidis.

Added November 18, 2010: Velonews have a great pictorial of the 2010 Look 695 as ridden by Cofidis in the 2010 Tour de France.

Added July 29, 2010: Thanks to for the heads-up on this promotional video of the Look 695. also has a further photos and details of the bike here.


July 24, 2010: BikeRadar article on 2010 Tour de France bikes including Cofidis’ Look bikes. also has a first look article on the Look 695 including a photo of the Look 695 Mondrian which will be available post the 2010 Tour de France.



July 1, 2010: Leading into the Tour de France, has an article on the new Look 695 which will be ridden by Cofidis in the 2010 Tour de France.


Thanks to SteephillTV for this photo:

Thanks to for these photos.


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