Paceline Products Buh-Bump Heart Rate Monitor Electrode Cream Owner Review

paceline-buhbump-med I purchased a bottle of Buh-Bump heart rate monitor electrode cream from Wiggle in March 2010 as I was having connection issues my Sigma Sports ROX 9 and the use of electrode cream is recommended by Sigma Sports. I paid AU$9.30 for a 75 ml bottle which has lasted until June 2010, so about three months of regular use (commuting and weekend rides).

So how has it gone?  Well first of all. Paceline the distributor describes Buh-Bump thus:

Buh-bump is a highly conductive electrode cream for HRM users demanding accurate and consistent readings.  Buh-bump is especially formulated to produce superior conduction between skin and electrodes ensuring an accurate heart rate display 100% of the time!  Major HRM manufacturers recommend in their service bulletins that HRM electrode cream will resolve problems with inconsistent and intermittent performance

My decision to try out Buh-Bump came about as I was having connection issues with my Sigma Sports ROX 9 heart rate monitor strap. A problem I never had by the way with my Garmin Edge 305. So how did it perform? Well the Buh-Bump helped for sure when the ROX 9 was working okay (e.g., when the battery is getting low, the cream had no chance).  It did not as claimed by the Paceline provide an accurate heart rate display 100% of the time. There where rides where the recording was close to 98% of the time, there where more rides than not where I got a good connection for at least 90% of the ride but there where times when it just wouldn’t connect at all.  This may have just been yet another ROX 9 issue in which case no cream would have helped.

All that said, did the Buh-Bump improve the connectivity of the ROX 9? Yes it did and for sure I got a much better connectivity rate over just waiting the strap’s connection points.  Will I continue using Buh-Bump? If I was planning to continue with using the ROX 9 then yes I would continue using Buh-Bump because it helps, but my plan is to get a Garmin Edge 500 in the near future so will not bother with more cream at this point in time.

If you are having connection problems then I would suggest that Buh-Bump is worth a go for sure. It has at least for me worked much better than just wetting the connections.

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