Life on the Road in 2010 – Week 24

The purpose of this series of posting is to summarise my week on the bike and exercising in general.  My week runs from Thursday to Friday, so Week 24 for 2010 is from June 11, 2010 through to June 17, 2010. 

Walking distance is based on the use of a Global Corporate Challenge pedometer and their calculation that 1,563 steps equals 1 km. The Challenge officially started on May 20, 2010.




Totals for the Week Total Bike Kilometres:     

399 km for the week;   
7,659 km for the year.


96.5 kg; Lost 1.9 kg during the week. 
Total weight loss for 2010: 6.5 kg.

BikeJournal Rankings:

Australian Cycling Forums Club – 11th. Gained two places in the rankings.

BikeJournal overall ranking – 111th. Gained 9 places in the rankings.

Global Corporate Challenge:

My average steps for Week 3 at the GCC was 27,716 which equates to 18 km. This is a decrease of 3,659 steps per day over the previous week. The step count includes bike kilometres and is the average reported by GCC.

Another short week on the bike as I had disruptions to my riding over the weekend. Weekly average is 319 km a week. Would like to get back up to 400 km a week by year end.

On the weight front, I started the year in a less than healthy position at 103 kg. My weight at the end of the week is 96.5 kg. My target for the month end is 98 kg so pleased to have ticked off that goal. Now to ensure that I don’t get back there.

Helping here is my decision to get back into using Calorie King Australia.

On I have dropped out of the Top 100 so now need to work on getting back there! 193 km off the pace. Hopefully over the next two months I will get that back.

In respect to the Australian Cycling Forums Club at I now back in the Top 10 in ninth position. Only just but.

Friday, June 11, 2010 40 km on the bike 
0 km running   
6.43 km walking
Quick ride to the Floreat Forum Shopping Centre plus Straight forward ride to Fremantle along the river. Got dropped by a dude on a flatbar on the Kwinana PSP.
Saturday, June 12, 2010 37 km on the bike 
0 km running     
8.42 km walking
Pretty straight forward ride home, except I took a diversion up towards Kings Park. I took on Mount Street at a 13% grade. Ouch!
Sunday, June 13, 2010 km on the bike 
0 km running    
km walking
Churchlands to Fremantle via the railway
Monday, June 14, 20103 74 km on the bike 
0 km running     
4.93 km walking
Fremantle to Joondalup via the coast and then Joondalup to Churchlands via the coast.
Tuesday, June 15, 2010 73 km on the bike 
0 km running     
5.45 km walking

AM: Missed the alarm so a good hour later than planned which may have turned out to be bonus as only caught a bit of rain before it dried out on the coast. Sea was calm this morning due to the fresh north-easterly (ENE 32 km/h). Traffic was calm to which was nice; no utes spinning out today. Mind you cyclists where missing in action as well.

PM Joondalup to Fremantle down the coast on the Surly LHT: Completely dry albeit slow ride down the coast. Seems I rode around the back of the rain as it swept across the city. Very pleasant riding conditions only disturbed by the level of angst from drivers tonight. Something in the water? Oh the wind started out as a ESE but by about 3/4 of way into the ride it had swung to to NE. Can’t recall that happening in I don’t know how long. Also managed to get a Caltrop puncture in the rear. Thankfully before it was too dark. Repaired the tube and continued on my merry way.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 74 km on the bike 
0 km running     
6.22 km walking
AM Fremantle to Joondalup via the coast on the Surly LHT: Managed to get out the door pretty much on time this morning. Result being a dry run up the coast with a ESE 24 km/h in first half hour of the ride before it swung east. The controlled eating plan is still having an effect on my riding so this was a slow grind north this morning.

PM Joondalup to Churchlands via the coast on the Surly LHT: Pretty straight forward ride tonight. Gray and cloudy but no rain about. Wind was south 26 km/h at the start of the ride and had swung east by the end (when I turned east :)).

Thursday, June 17, 2010 80 km on the bike 
0 km running     
5.50 km walking
AM: Road north to Burns Beach getting geographically challenged due to the Greenwood station detour and then I rode south along the coast to meet Anne for coffee at Subiaco and home.
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