Light Up! –Bicycling Western Australia Survey

Bicycling Western Australia appear to have picked up on the Bicycle Victoria Light Up! campaign and are seeking feedback from West Australian riders on their use of lights when out riding. Knowing the concerns often reflected on the Australian Cycling Forums about ninja cyclists and my own near misses, I encourage you to complete this survey to allow for a better understanding of the use of lights and hopefully this will lead to an improvement in their use.

Phase one of the Light Up! campaign is under way and Bicycling Western Australia is in the process of gathering data on WA riders and their habits involving lights and visibility gear. Phase one requires you to take the survey.

The purpose of the survey is to gather more information about the reasons bike riders choose to use or not use bicycle lights. Our responses will help in the development of strategies to increase bicycle light compliance and make riding communicative and considerate.

Later this year BWA will be launching a follow-up survey to the questions asked now. To be contacted for this second survey you are ask to provide our with your current e-mail address.

I have covered in my Cyclists and the Law – WA Perspective on the Road Code the Western Australian law in respect of bicycle lights. A recent article in The Post newspaper (July 24, 2010) suggest that Bicycling WA is unclear on same so treat with care any advice that they may provide.


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