Who Are the Least Courteous Drivers in Perth?

A recent blog posting at the London Cyclist asked the question, Who are the least courteous drivers in London? and it got me thinking about my own experiences here in Perth.

For me the most courteous drivers on my regular commutes are:

  1. Transperth bus drivers.  It seems that raising issues with Transperth about poor driving has payed off as I find them much better today and have had the opportunity on two occasions to warrant sending in a commendation. So a big tick to the Transperth drivers.
  2. The other group is the petrol tanker drivers that I encounter regularly riding in and out of Fremantle along the coast. I find the drivers to be courteous, providing good clearance and waiting until it is safe to pull out at intersections.

On the downside the least courteous drivers are in my experience:

  1. Drivers of medium sized trucks – mainly delivery trucks and the like.  These drivers seem to have either an inadequacy issue or an identity crisis as they seem to feel that the they must dominate over smaller vehicles on the road. The pass me as close as they can, they pull out when it is not safe to do so, they tailgate and the list goes on.  Why can’t they just grow-up?
  2. Tradies and bogan ute drivers or are they the one and the same?  Plain and simply stupid morons on the roads.  Funny thing every vehicle I have seen this year whilst cycling that has crashed or spun out has been a ute. What does that say?

So what is your experience? What group of drivers are courteous to you? What group are least courteous?

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