Is this really happening – A PSP from Shenton Station to Loch Street Station?

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Maybe, maybe not.  This notice was posted in the Nedlands News section of the August 21, 2010 Post (page 10).  The notice states:

The design phase of the Principal Shared Path (PSP) between Shenton Station and Loch Street has started. The purpose of the PSP is to provide a safe pathway for bike riders and pedestrians with limited crossover interruptions. The passenger railway line reserve and adjoining road verge are the perfection locations for the path.  The ultimate aim is to provide a PSP from Fremantle to Perth allowing residents to walk and cycle to the city with few vehicular interruptions.  The Department of Transports (sic) Bikewest Branch, the Public Transport Authority and Main Roads WA are working with the City of Nedlands towards achieving this aim.

The design works are expected to be finished by the end of the year with after which time funding options will be explored. (Edit: Links added).

So what does this notice tell us?

  1. Despite the PSP running to Shenton Street Station and then from the Loch Street station for a number of years and the building of the Stubbs Terrace underpass no design works was undertaken for this connecting section. I guess one shouldn’t be surprised;
  2. This is only a design project – no money is provided; no build timetable and of course we have the “funding options will be explored”  statement which says more than the rest of the notice all together.

So will we get a connection section? I hope so but I am not holding my breath. Please do keep the pressure up on the City of Nedlands to do more than just design.

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