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Michelin Pro3 Race

I purchased a pair of Michelin Pro3 Race (Pro Race 3) tyres in September 2010 from Bike24 for a landed cost of AU$29.58 each.  This review reflects my usage of the Pro3 Race tyres over a four month period, aka the approach.  This initial posting of the review is based on the install of one tyre on the front of my Look 555. It will be updated over time to reflect any changes following the installation of the second tyre.





Number of Tryes

Average Kilometres

Average Number of Punctures


March 5, 2011


1,615.5 km


Rear tyre, dry riding conditions; worn out plus sidewall cut


Manufacturer’s Description

Michelin describe the Pro3 Race as the “peloton’s benchmark” and identify its key features as being:

  • Co-extruded 100% Silica energy rubber mix for balanced grip and low rolling resistance;
  • Extra Supple Casing (ESC) for flexibility, performance and lightweight;
  • High Density Puncture Protector – strong, lightweight, interwoven anti-puncture reinforcement inserted under the center tread.
  • 20% (compared to the Pro2 Race) more grip in the center of the tread, and 40% more grip on the shoulders due to a special silicium compound.
  • Extremely low rolling resistance, high-density puncture protection and a weight of just 200 grams
  • 6mm band of super grip rubber on each tire shoulder which results in a dramatic increase in cornering adhesion, by as much as 27%!

Technical Specifications

700 x 23C (23-622) – 127 TPI – 200 grams – 87 – 116 PSI

I run the tyres at the maximum pressure of 116 PSI as recommend by Michelin (given my weight).


The tyre has no rotation instructions and comes with a grey bar down the middle of the tyre which marks the centre thread of the tyre. What I did notice and wonder if I will miss is a lack of wear indicators such as the dimples found on the Continental GP4000s.

I have as alluded to above fitted one Pro3 Race to the front of my Look 555. I am currently running Fulcrum Racing 5 rims and found fitting the tyre to this rim without tools was a painless exercise.

I will be interested to see how the tyre wears, how it grips and how it handles the Perth roads in terms of puncture resistance.  A summary of all my tyre outcomes is maintained here.  This is the best place to check where I am at with this tyre.


FIELD TESTING (Two months on the bike)

Time to update this post. It is now December 23, 2010 and I have done a measly 444 km on this tyre which is mounted on the front of my Look 555; mind you a puncture free 444 km. Most of this riding has been in dry conditions with only a few kilometres on wet roads but not raining.

That said, how is this tyre going? In terms of punctures and wear it is going good: No punctures and no wear is noticeable. They tyre is not showing any signs of cutting up as yet which is also a good positive.

Handling has been good. I am know racer or expert on tyre handling but I have felt confident with his tyre; it has not felt like letting go in bother dry road and wet road riding and really I can’t ask for more. It feels like it rolls good. I tend to run it at around 115 PSI which is just below the recommend 116 PSI and that seems to be working okay for me.


LONG TERM TESTING (Four months on the bike)

Time to update this post with the four month usage feedback. It is now February 24, 2011 and I am now riding on a pair of Pro-race 3 tyres.  The original fitment is still on the front of my Look 555 and has done 2,843 kilometres and is still looking good.  The second tyre is currently on the rear of my Kinesis Racelight GranFondo and has done 1,070 km.

Both tyres are still wearing well and no punctures to date.  I am still happy with the handling of the tyres but have not yet been able to see how they go in the wet.

Would I buy them again? I really want to see how they wear yet and also how they handle in the wet. Once I have a handle on both these aspects I will decide if I purchase them again.

February 28, 2011. First puncture. The tyre on the rear of the Kinesis Racelight Granfondo punctured (glass in dry conditions) at 1,253 km.

March 5, 2011. Second puncture in the tyre fitted to the rear of the Kinesis Racelight Granfondo and regretfully this tyre has now been binned as (a) the sidewall got cut right through and (b) the tyre has got a flat spot (photo).  This tyre has done 1,619.5 km of which all where on the rear and in dry riding conditions. Not a good return.

June 24, 2011: I have one Pro Race 3 still in use on the front of my Look 555. This tyre has now done 3,942 kilometres and is still going okay. I have had some wet weather riding with it and I had no concerns with its handling.



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