Giant CRX 1 500 km Service – November 2010

This posting details a regular 500 km winter/spring of my Giant CRX 1 commuter. This service was completed at 12,369 km which is 667 km post the last service.

This service consisted of the following tasks:

  1. Cleaning the chain using my Park’s Tool CM-5 Cyclone Chain Scrubber and Australian Export degreaser.  I generally run the chain through three to four flushes of degreaser with each flush being approximately 30 revolutions of the pedals;
  2. Checking the condition and function of the jockey wheels;
  3. Cleaning the bike with Nu Finish Car wash with pure orange oil;
  4. Checking the condition of the tyres and removal of any glass or other particles embedded in the tyres. This involves deflating the tyres, checking carefully the surface for cuts and removing foreign materials from the cuts.  The Continental GP4000s on the front had about six pieces of glass embedded in it;
  5. Checking the condition and function of the brakes – all good;
  6. Checking the chain wear using a Shimano Tl-CN 41 chain wear indicator- all good;
  7. Remove/reinstall and check the functioning of the pedals. Regular removal/reinstallation with grease on the threads reduces the chance of the pedals being damn hard to remove in the future.  I also adjusted the tension a quarter of turn to tighten the clicking-in/out;
  8. Check the tension of all bolts and screws. All good on that front;
  9. Lube the chain using Rock and Roll Gold.

There ends this service.

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