Once Bitten by Who By Fire

This year the Melbourne Bike Fest has teamed up with local independent film makers WHO BY FIRE to create three short clips that generate discussion around issues of Road Harmony.

The clips are designed to have high impact with young people and draw on vampire mythology to unpack and poke fun at some prevalent perceptions of and attitudes toward bike riders on the roads.

Scripted and shot in collaboration with the bike riding community, the clips set a new benchmark for dialogue between road users. Offering high production values with a street sensibility, the clips playfully suggest that fear may be the pothole we all need to get around on our journey toward road harmony.

ONCE BITTEN – Part One from WHO BY FIRE on Vimeo.

ONCE BITTEN – Part Two from WHO BY FIRE on Vimeo.

ONCE BITTEN – Part Three from WHO BY FIRE on Vimeo.

Thanks to the Australian Cycling Forums for the heads-up on these videos and the Melbourne Bike Feast for publishing the videos.

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