Bits and Pieces in the World of Cycling and Hiking – December 10, 2010

This is an ad hoc page of bits and pieces I found on the web.  This postings is mainly cycling related but can including hiking or other related titbits.

The elite or ‘Lycrist’ sub culture is too prevalent, in no small way due to the fact that these cyclists are easily recognised and wear a ‘uniform’.  They are also over represented in the cycling advocacy groups who have championed development in the past. – City of Stirling 2010

Ikea in the USA Give Staff a Free Bicycle

Ikea staff bike.preview_500or is it a Bicycle Shaped Object (BSO)? Still a nice gesture by Ikea. Now it would be nice if they made their stores here in Australia bicycle friendly. Thanks to for the story. Click on the link for more details.


Andi Wittmann – Framed


FRAMED-Andi Wittmann Rider profile from Felix Urbauer on Vimeo.

Thanks to Spoke Fiend and for the heads-up.


Chris Akrigg – Free the Wheel


A little while ago i thought it would be a good idea to put a freewheel on my fixie. I’d miss placed the brakes so i had to run it without, this wasn’t a good idea as i ended up rapped myself round a tree. Anyway, i did manage to get a bit of footage before injury then bad weather stopped play. It is what it is, whatever that is! A bit of fun on a 700c…

Thanks to for the heads-up.


Keeping your Bike Clean

I have blogged previously on my bicycle cleaning approach. Bike Radar in their latest workshop series have an article on cleaning your bike which has some interesting suggestions. If you want to keep you bike clean, check out the blog posting for some interesting tips.  BTW anyone know where to get helicopter tape in WA or Australia?


The Christmas Present for the Cyclist With Everything – Chris King Coffee Tamper


Well they will need a coffee machine as well; but hey if that is on the Chrissy list why not add a Chris King Tamper? Chris King describe them thus:

Our espresso tamper is born from an appreciation of the coffee making process as much as the coffee it produces. We worked in collaboration with the Portland, Oregon based America Barista & Coffee School to develop a professional grade espresso tamper with precise dimensions, exceptional feel, and the iconic shape that every cyclist recognizes as the very best.

They are only US$75.00 each 🙂


Garmin Forerunner 210 In Depth Review

DC Rainmaker has put together another on of his comprehensive reviews, this time on the Garmin Forerunner 210.

I find that for 95% of runners, the FR210 is the perfect running watch.  It offers a completely streamlined look and an easy to use interface.  It’s also the best overall introduction into GPS enabled fitness devices, without the complexity of some of the other units out there.  With the addition of footpod support and instant pace, this product line is now a realistic option for serious runners.

Click on the link above to read the full comprehensive review … just make sure you have some time set aside!


Main Roads WA considers safety of vulnerable road users to expensive

According to the Bicycle Transport Alliance …

It appears that MainRoads have decided not to provide safe access from Ashfield to the Tonkin Highway to Bassendean PSP – it’s too expensive. If people riding bicycles or walking or on gopher cars want to use the PSP, they have to cross four lines of relentless traffic – impossible during peak hour, and very uncomfortable most of the day. Near Ashfield train station, on the South Side of Guildford road, the Town of Bassendean runs a centre for seniors and people with disabilities. On Collier road, TADWA runs a centre for people with disabilities. People who want to use their gopher cars to go from one to the other will now have to use an uneven, old concrete-slab footpath.

Maybe it is time to let Main Roads WA and the Minister for Transport, the Honourable Simon O’Brien MLC your views on this matter.


City of Stirling Release their 2010 Draft Cycling Plan

On 22 September 2009, Council endorsed the Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS) which aims to set the direction for the City’s transport planning over the next 20 to 25 years.  Building on the Integrated Transport Strategy, the City has now produced the subsidiary, or ‘daughter’ document to the ITS, the ‘Integrated Cycling Strategy’ (ICS) that was recently approved by Council for public consultation.

This draft has been uploaded for preliminary viewing and an online version is available in the top right corner of this page under Related Information.  Details of the formal consultation process and the mechanism for responding will be added to this page once formal advertising has been undertaken.

What is the purpose of the Integrated Cycling Strategy?

The draft ICS provides for a strategic approach to cycling as an integral part of the transport system, as well as retaining its recreational and sporting functions.  There are, however, some significant barriers (or perceptions) to be overcome to make cycling a mainstream transport mode capable of being part of a multi-modal transport system.



Biologic Bike Mount for the Iphone 4



The idea for this blog posting was stolen from Treadly and Me and Bob Jensen.

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