Dutch Cycling Progress – Is it all that it is cracked up to be?

Given the recently released draft City of Stirling Bike Plan which appears on first scan to be heavily influenced by the so called Copenhagen Model and the never ending debates about helmets it is interesting to read this blog posting on their near neighbours perspective of where there cycling is at.

The Netherlands has long been held up as a paragon of bicycle-friendliness. However, recent comments from the Dutch Cyclists’ Federation and Dutch Tourism Federation suggest that having a vibrant cycling scene and a well-used cycling infrastructure bring their own difficulties.

The full article written in the context of the Netherlands versus the United Kingdom but still interesting can be found at Bike Radar.  An interesting conclusion from the posting follows …

SWOV (the Dutch national road safety research institute) have said that only 20 percent of cycling accidents involve motor vehicles. The other 80 percent involve only an individual or other cyclists. It’s been estimated that around 50 cycling deaths a year (ie. between a third and a quarter) result from non-motor-vehicle collisions.

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