Bits and Pieces in the World of Cycling and Hiking – December 17, 2010

This is an ad hoc page of bits and pieces I found on the web.  This postings is mainly cycling related but can including hiking or other related titbits. My thanks to Treadly and Me and Professor Bob Jensen for the idea for this posting.

Most of the photos I’ve taken whilst pedalling my way round Perth this year have been of utes parked in cycle lanes and paths. A few have been of cars. I thought it might be nice to stop at my 6000th kilometre for 2010 and see what else I could come up with.

– Rob Firth of Acorn Photo

Rob Firth – Photography and Cyclist records the moment of achieving 6,000 km in 2010


You can find more of Rob’s work at Acorn Photo.  BTW can you can guess where Rob took this photo? Leave a comment with your idea.

Brad Pettitt – Mayor of the City of Fremantle on Cycling in Western Australia

For me riding is a great start to the day in which you engage a little with the elements before parking right at the door to your office. For me it is quicker than driving. But nor only is it pleasurable but it means your transport “burns fat not oil”, produces no CO2, has no fuel bills, and doesn’t add to traffic congestion. Cycling really is an idea whose time has come – once again. This time I strongly believe it is here to stay.

You can find the Mayor’s blog here and the full posting on cycling in WA here.

Bit of a fan of Kiwi Cycling? Why not Vote in the BikeNZ People’s Choice Award?

Voting closes December 30, 2010 and there are five New Zealand riders to vote for.  I voted for Julian Dean of Garmin Transitions. Julian comes from my home town of Rotorua, more famous for its mountain biking than road riding but.

Bicycle Transport Alliance Publishes its Submission to the Stirling Alliance Draft Report – “Working Draft of the Stirling City Centre Structure Plan”

Interested readers can download the submission here and comment on same here.

Ritte Racing Potato Vodka

You have to love these guys take on racing and bicycles …


Ritte Apology for Potato Vodka Ad from Ritte Racing on Vimeo.

Thanks to Spoke Fiend for the heads-up on this racing team.

BMX at 2000 Frames Per Second

7D 2000 fps from Oton Bačar on Vimeo.

Thanks to BikeRumor for the link.

Playing with Trucks on Tydeman Road, North Fremantle

As a rule I don’t have trouble with the trucks on Tydeman Road in North Fremantle even though I often ride through at busy times. Still there has to be one doesn’t there.
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