December 31, 2010 – Bits and Pieces in the World of Cycling and Hiking

This is an ad hoc page of bits and pieces I found on the web.  This postings is mainly cycling related but can including hiking or other related titbits. My thanks to Treadly and Me and Professor Bob Jensen for the idea for this posting.

Ride my bike until I get home … Mark Ronson & The Business INTL: “The Bike Song”



Police bikes upgrade after back wheels buckle under the full force of The Law

It appears that it’s not just the neighbourhood beat that’s getting a pounding from some of London’s more burly police officers, with the news that their bikes are to be upgraded to tougher models after wheels buckled and spokes broke due to the weight being placed on them.


UCI to publish list of approved components for racing cyclists

The new approval procedure will result in the granting of a label certifying that new models of frames and forks comply with the requirements of the UCI Regulations (articles 1.3.001 to 1.3.025). The UCI’s Equipment Regulation (part 1, chapter 3) is available in full on  A constantly updated list of approved products – mentioning the name of the model and that of its manufacturer – will be published on the UCI website.


Foss “Environmentally Friendly Tube” Inner Tubes


These inner tubes from Foss Worldwide look interesting.  The claims about the tubes are:

  • Environmentally Friendly Tube (EFT) are a highly polymerized un-vulcanized rubber composite.  When punctured, the material forms and air-tight seal retarding the leak speed giving the rider extra time to make safe repairs.
  • The elasticity of EFT makes them resistant to explosion and pinches.
  • Made from modified thermoplastic elastomer compounds (TPE).
  • EFT can be recycled with other TPE products protecting the environment by minimizing waste.

I believe they will retail for around $25.00 each in Australia.


Lezyne CFH Pump – Combines Pump and CO2 Inflator

pressure-dr-cfh-v1-rgb-r0 I am a bit of Lezyne pump fan so thought it was sharing news of this pump by Lezyne. I like the way it carries the CO2 canisters.


Brisbane Cyclists (and Peds) get Panic Buttons

Does this mean they need to harden up? 🙂


PRO Secrets, Quirks and Superstitions

This is a great read for all Pro wannabees 🙂 It comes courtesy of Cycling Tips.


Shimano Di2 Ultegra on the Way? and are suggesting that there are rumblings of this happening which fits in with Shimano’s approach of filtering down its technology. This is not a reference to the so called Di2 Lite which is just Dura Ace Di2 mixed with Ultegra clusters/chain rings. Hardly the same thing.


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