Cycling Horoscope for 2011 – Scorpio (22 Oct–21 Nov)

Cycling Tips has posted a rather humorous  look at cycling through the publication of a 2011 Horoscope.  As a Scorpio I have re-posted my horoscope here for amusement. If you are interested in yours, you can find them all at Cycling Tips.

As a Scorpio you are passionate, emotional, subtle, persistent and unyielding. You sometimes evoke anger in others and tempers can enrage others to the point of headbutting at 65km/hr during a bunch sprint. Think Mark Renshaw or Bernard Hinault.

2011 would be an exciting year for you. You’ll be riding like shite, but other opportunities will bring you to new highs. It’s not all bad.

2011 will be a year of mechanicals. You were fortunate last year with only a few punctures but this year nothing will go right. You will be very unpopular with your mates. It will be wise to do as much indoor riding as possible and stay as close to home as possible.

This will lead you to new relationship highs with your partner after May since you’ll be ready to pack in the bike for good. Finances will be at an all time low because you’re constantly at the shop getting things fixed. Don’t stress. You are unyielding, will carry on, and use this failed season as motivation to thrive in 2012. 2011 may be a good time to bless your wife with another child.

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