Bicycle Maintenance – Top 10 Workshop Don’ts

Bike Radar have posted an interesting article by George Ramelkamp of Cycling Plus explaining what George considers to be the top 10 mistakes to not make when working on your bicycle.  I can relate to most of these for sure :)  Do you have other things to avoid? If yes, why not add a comment.

George’s top ten don’ts are:

  1. Don’t over tighten critical bolts – this is pretty important with carbon components and a good torque wench is a handy tool for anyone playing with bicycles today;
  2. Don’t tighten the headset top cap without loosening the stem bolts – in fact as I learnt the hard way, it really pays to know your headset, what type it is and how it goes back to together;
  3. Don’t just true your wheel by only tightening spokes – I am still to get into wheel truing so let to learn the mistakes I guess;
  4. Don’t ignore wear limits on rims if you’re using rim brakes – I will let Rodney tell the story as to why this is a good idea;
  5. Don’t give in to the pressure of rushing things and get injured in the process;
  6. Don’t leave your seatpost in the bike forever – forever means three to six month – something I need to add to my regular maintenance task, but don’t forget to mark the seatpost height before you remove it; electrical tape is handy for this;
  7. Don’t put pedals in dry and too tight -  I regularly remove and refit mine to avoid the “oh heck that is … tight” syndrome;
  8. Don’t ignore tyre pressure;
  9. Don’t ride with your wheels loose – got an unexplained noise? It could be your skewers – always pays to check them regularly;
  10. Don’t ride with a badly installed chain – learnt this lesson the hard way;

More details on George’s top ten don’ts can be found at Bike

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