Look 555 1,000 km Service – January 2011

This posting details a regular summer 1,000 km service of my Look 555 weekend warrior bike which was completed on January 13, 2011 at 17,645 km.

Item No. Service Action Comments
1 Cleaning the chain using a Park Tools CM-5 Cyclone Chain Scrubber Chain was dirty than normal requiring five cleaning cycles.
2 Check the condition of the jockey wheels All okay.
3 Cleaning the bike with Nu Finish Car wash with pure orange oil. All okay.
4 Deflating the tyres and checking for wear levels, cuts and embedded foreign objects, e.g., glass. Pick-up embedded foreign objects to minimise likelihood of punctures. The front Michelin Pro Race 3 has a couple of cuts in but no glass found. The tyre has done 1,028 km.

The rear Continental Grand Prix 4000S “Black Chilli” had a couple of pieces of glass embedded and one wear indicator is fading. Getting close to replacement time. It has done 4,138 km.

5 Checking the condition of brake pads. All okay.
6 Checking of chain wear with a Shimano TL-CN41 Chain wear indicator tool. The Wipperman 10sO chain is wearing well. It has now done 8,039 km.
7 Remove the pedals and refit (prevents them seizing up) and adjust the tension. All okay.
8 Check the tension of all bolts and screws on the bike. All okay.
9 Check the condition of the cleats. New cleats recently fitted so all okay.
10 Lube the chain with Rock and Roll Gold chain lube. All okay.


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