January 14, 2011 – Bits and Pieces in the World of Cycling

This is an ad hoc page of bits and pieces I found on the web.  This posting is mainly cycling related but can including hiking or other related titbits. My thanks to Treadly and Me and Professor Bob Jensen for the idea for this posting.


Cyclelicious Maps for Australia

Thanks to Treadly and Me for the heads-up on Cyclelicious and its application to Australia. Click through for Treadly and Me’s excellent review.


Contour GPS HD Camcorder Goes Bluetooth Displays Live on your Smartphone

I use a standard Contour HD 1080P so don’t have this option but if you have a Contour GPS HD or are considering one, this might be a neat feature for you.  More details at or at Bike Radar.


Chinese electric bike boom causing problems

A study in the Chinese city of Hangzhou shows that the number of deaths involving electric bikes has risen sixfold in four years, despite a decrease in the overall number of traffic accidents and fatalities. – Bike Radar


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