Back in the Saddle with Women on Wheels

The City of Stirling’s Women on Wheels program has had a nice write-up in the January 18, 2011 edition of the Stirling Times. Great to see this program being successful and promoting cycling for women by women.  The article by Michael Gill is reproduced below.

BEVERLEY Scott might have had a 40-year break from cycling, but the Carine resident now makes two-wheeled travel a regular part of her week.

A move to the city prompted Mrs Scott to get back on the bike last year with help from free cycling refresher program Women on Wheels (WOW) run by the City of Stirling.

I’d lived in the country for a long time and when I came to the city, bike riding became a bit more”able” with the cycle paths and short trips here and there, she said.

“Not riding regularly since I was a teenager, the confidence just wasn’t there and at the beginning of the program, I doubt I thought I’d end up riding 42km in the Great Perth Bike Ride.”

The WOW program aims to boost the number of female cyclists and starts with a three-day Back on Your Bike course run by cycling coaches.

Mrs Scott now regularly sets off on her bike to visit friends, her local library and the beach.

“As well as the exercise benefits, I like to be mindful of the environment and really appreciate not always having to use the car,” she said.

A follow-up 12-week Wheelie Wonderful Women course enables cyclists to boost their stamina and confidence for longer rides like the Great Perth Bike Ride.

“That ride was fantastic, I got a heck of a buzz out of it, so it’s a credit to the course that it can give riders that confidence,” she said.

Mrs Scott and her fellow cyclists continue to meet up on a weekly basis for social rides.

The City has run courses for more than 130 women since it started offering the program two years ago. Email or call 9345 8910 for details.

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