2011 UCI World Cycling Tour – Perth to Hold Opening Qualifying Round

It has been announced that Perth will hold the first qualifying round in the UCI World Cycling Tour on Saturday April 16, 2011.  As I understand it the 140 km race will be run over a 14 km course will start and finish on The Esplanade next to the Swan Bell Tower and take in parts of Perth’s CBD and Kings Park.

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) World Cycling Tour (UWCT) is a series of UCI-sanctioned races that will be held all over the world. The UWCT will comprise a maximum of 15 qualifier events with the first being held here in Perth Western Australian in April 2011, leading to the UWCT Final, the former UCI Masters Road World Championships. The top 10% in each age group of the qualifier events will automatically have the right to compete in the UWCT Final and race for the coveted UCI rainbow jersey.

The UCI’s Cycling for All, Masters and Sustainable Development Coordinator, Ms Andrea Marcellini Mendonça, explains the importance of this amateur tour: “If we look at cycling as a pyramid, professional racing is at the very top and occupies a very small portion. Everything that comes below this is the amateur side of the sport and involves impressive numbers of riders. These enthusiasts are part of the UCI family and it’s time for them to race for a World Champion title”.

Another aim of this new initiative is to contribute to the international promotion of the UCI’s “Cycling for All” events. All races on the UWCT calendar must meet strict organisational and sporting criteria, and provide a certain touristic interest.

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  1. Tony Whiteside 3 June 2011 at 1:14 PM #

    I have competed several times at St Johanne and understand that it is no longer UCI sanctioned. Please advise where and when the 2011 UCI Masters Road Champs will be held. Tony Whiteside 73 yrs old.

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