Need a coffee shot on that morning ride?

Well maybe this is the solution, a BioLogic vacuum flask, designed to allow you to carry your morning coffee in your bottle cage on the bike.

Sometimes, you have to slow down a bit to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, like a steaming cup of hot coffee on a chilly morning bike ride. The Vacuum Flask is an insulated stainless steel bottle designed specifically for standard bottle cages. A push button on the lid opens the SipSpout so it’s easy to take a quick shot at a stoplight. On hot days, it’ll keep a drink ice cold for hours. For hot and cold liquid refreshment.

The main features of the flask are:

  • The SipSpout which controls the flow of liquid;
  • Fits standard bottle cages;
  • 375 ml capacity – not much of a coffee shot there1

For those interested, has a review on the vacuum flask and you can find more details at BioLogic.

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