Bits and Pieces – February 11, 2011

This is an ad hoc page of bits and pieces I found on the web.  This posting is mainly cycling related but can including hiking or other related titbits. My thanks to Treadly and Me and Professor Bob Jensen for the idea for this posting.

Dear Motorists … Lets make one thing crystal clear. Cyclists are not slowing you down. You read that correctly, cyclists are not the reason you are not going as fast as you want to go.


Lets Make One Thing Clear, I Am Not Slowing You Down

This is a great blog posting from the Boston Biker and whilst it was written to Boston motorists it very much applies to Perth motorists as well.  Well worth a read1


RAC Risky Roads Survey

Thanks to the Bicycle Transportation Alliance for the heads-up on the RAC Risky Roads Survey.  You can find out more details on the survey at the Bicycle Transport Alliance website.


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