Motorist to Cyclist Talk – What those Signals Really Mean

The Fat Cyclist has taken a rather amusing look at the relationship between motorists (them) and cyclists (us).  Here is a little taste of what he had say in his preamble to explaining what those signals from motorists really mean …

But here’s something I’ll bet you didn’t know: practically every single one of those cars and trucks actually has a human occupant inside — a living, breathing, human being. A regular person, very much like you or me — except for you and I are getting exercise and enjoying the outdoors, while the person in a car is breathing recycled air, is paying huge amounts of money for the nonreplenishable (sic) fuel propelling them, and accelerates / decelerates by barely moving their toes.

But otherwise: yep, people just you and me! I know. Take a moment to let that sink in.

OK, now that you’ve wrapped your mind around the fact that those cars (and trucks!) are filled with people (yes, people!), ask yourself: is it really possible that those people (!!!) — folks just like you and me — could really be so angry at us just because we have more fun getting from place to place than they do?

Of course not! That question was rhetorical, silly!

The truth is, the animosity and aggression and downright evilness you sense from certain car pilots is nothing more than a misunderstanding. Once you get to better understand the intentions behind the automotive pilot’s actions, you’re going to feel much, much better about sharing the road with them.

and here is a little taste of what one of those signals mean …


What happens: The driver throws a beer bottle at you as they go by.

What you think it means: “That driver has just assaulted me with a deadly weapon. I’m pretty sure that’s a felony!”

What it really means: “Hey, you look really thirsty, and it just occurred to me that drinking while driving is dangerous, illegal, and stupid! Here, please take this beer, both to help me save me from myself, and because I suspect you might like some refreshment!”

To learn more about those signals and motorist to cyclist communication, click through to the Fat Cyclist.

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