Ride to School at North Cottesloe Primary School

The March 8-14, 2011 edition of the Western Suburbs Weekly has a great front page story on riding to school at the North Cottesloe Primary School.  It is really great to see local newspapers promoting such initiatives and well done to the students and staff of North Cottesloe Primary School.

According to the article (click on the link for the full story or download a PDF copy of the story here) up to 70% of the school’s 435 students ride or walk to school on Fridays and the figure rose to 90% when monthly breakfasts were offered.

It is great to read that “students now have to jostle for a place in the bike racks after regular cyclist numbers increased from 20 to about 100 each day.” I think it is time the North Cottesloe Primary School got more bike racks and reduced the car parking!

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