Transperth TP 1226 – Close Passing

On February 23, 2011 I had a Transperth bus operated by Path Transit (Registration TP 1226) pass me in an unsafe manner on West Coast Drive.  I reported the incident using Transperth’s online compliant form.


My online complaint resulted in a phone call a few days later Path Transit.  First up they were impressed by the quality of the video. Once the buttering up was done, the company represented indicated that the driver was to be spoken to; that he is a “mostly a good driver” (the mostly is a bit disconcerting) and that in his next review (they are held every six months apparently) the issue of nearside clearance will be taken up with him.

They also did acknowledge that he should have waited until he had a safe passing area; my recall was that he did have a safe passing area, but chose not to use it.

Bottom line is the outcome was pretty much as I expected; I would have liked a formal warning to be issued but that was not forthcoming.  The other positive is that Path Transit and I hope its drivers are now aware that they could be videoed which is hopefully a good thing.

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