Bicycle Network Local Government Grants Program – 2011 – 2012

The State Government of Western Australian has called for applications for the 2011-12 Perth Bicycle Network Local Government Grants Program and the 2011-2012 Regional Bicycle Network (RBN) Local Government Grants Program.

Local governments have until March 25, 2011 to lodge funding requests for cycling infrastructure projects including shared path design and construction, on-road bicycle lanes, bicycle plans, end of trip facilities and other projects.

Have ideas or suggestions on what you Council could use a grant for to improve cycling in your area? The be pro-active and contact your Council with your suggestions and push them to apply for a grant.

To get an idea of what grants where given out in 2010-2011 and to check on your Council’s progress, see here for the Perth Bicycle Network Local Government Grants and here for the Regional Bicycle Network Local Government Grants. If you Council has not completed the works a grant was provided for, GET ON TO THEM NOW.  Grant money not spent is grant money lost and we all loose out on the bicycle infrastructure as the grant has to be returned to the State Government.  Don’t let apathy ruin our bicycle infrastructure.


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