CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE – Where are our New Bicycle Lanes City of Fremantle?

In 2010 the City of Fremantle won four Perth Bicycle Network Local Government Grants to improve cycling infrastructure within the City.  One of those grants was to install bicycle lanes on Parry Street between Beach Road and South Terrace. Anyone who rides this section will know how important such lanes are to cyclists.  So the question is, where are our bicycle lanes City of Fremantle? Also have you completed the other three programs you won grants for?

To find out where we are at with these grants; they have to be spent by June 30, 2011 or we loose the money, I have written to the Mayor of the City of Fremantle, Dr Brad Pettitt who likes to promote himself as a cyclist seeking a status update.

If I hear back from the Mayor I will post his reply here.  In the meantime, please consider emailing or writing to Dr Pettitt seeking an update. The more pressure we put on the City of Fremantle the more chance we have of getting our infrastructure.  Dr Brad Pettitt can be emailed at

My letter is as follows:

Dr Brad Pettitt
City of Fremantle
PO Box 807 FREMANTLE WA 6160

Dear Dr Pettitt

I am writing to you in respect to the 2010-2011 Perth Bicycle Network Local Government Grants and in particular the grants awarded to the City of Fremantle; namely:

1.    Parry Street Bicycle Lanes;
2.    Mather Road Connector Shared Path;
3.    Fremantle Leisure Centre Bicycle Parking;
4.    South Beach Bicycle Parking?

Dr Pettitt my particular interest is the Parry Street bicycle lanes as I am a regular bicycle commuter on this road (my partner resides in Fremantle) and hence I am acutely aware of the vulnerability of riding this section of road. It concerns me seriously that there is no, at least on the ground, indication that the Council is progressing the completion of the bicycles lanes. I hope Dr Pettitt that I have that wrong and you can re-assure the municipality and myself that the Council has every intention of actually completing the bicycle lanes as per its grants application.

With respect to the other three grants, I am not familiar with the works so it would be appreciated if you could advise how the grants have been spent.

I look forward to your response and will be updating the readers of and the members at the Australian Cycling Forums upon receipt.

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