CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE – City of Stirling Responds – 2010-2011 PBN Local Government Grants

On March 25, 2011 I wrote to the Mayor of the City of Stirling, Councillor David Bootham with regards to the status of the Perth Bicycle Network Local Government Grants received by the City of Stirling in 2010.  I received this week a very informative reply from Mr Jon Offer, Special Projects and Support Engineer at the City of Stirling. Mr Offer’s reply is very informative on one hand, but does on the other hand raise some concerns about the grant process, the lack of inter-goverment cooperation and the communication process by the City of Stirling.

On the grants and inter-governmental cooperation the Minister of Transport The Honourable Troy Buswell MLA really has some questions to answer I would suggest.  Given the comments in Mr Offer’s response the question should be asked as to why the Government bothers with these grants when it has no intention to allow the money to be spent.  I will be interested in the Minister’s response on this and will be writing to him and to Main Roads WA for their input as well.  I encourage you to also start asking questions.

In respect to my comments on the communication process, it is disappointing that the Council is not taking steps to keep the community informed on the progress of grant outcomes and that it takes a follow-up such as mine to get updates.

I wrote also to the City of Fremantle with respect to their grants. It will be interesting to see if the City of Fremantle responds in a similar vein to the City of Stirling.

Mr Offer’s response can be found below.

Cos reply


Cos reply 0001

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