CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE – Town of Cambridge 2010-2011 PBN Local Government Grants – Where are the Paths?

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In 2010 the Town of Cambridge won five Perth Bicycle Network Local Government Grants to improve cycling infrastructure within the Town.  Three  of these grants where to upgrade/install shared paths on West Coast Drive, Jon Sanders Drive and Pearson Street. Work has substantially been completed on the West Coast Drive recreational shared path and a big tick to the Council for this, but what is happening with the other grants? There is no sign of work on the Jon Sanders Drive path for example.  So the question is, what is happening with respect to meeting the requirements of these grants?

To find out where we are at with these grants; they have to be spent by June 30, 2011 or we loose the money, I have written to the Mayor of the Town of Cambridge, Mr Simon Withers.

If I hear back from the Mayor I will post his reply here.  In the meantime, please consider emailing or writing to Mr Withers seeking an update. The more pressure we put on the Town of Cambridge the more chance we have of getting our infrastructure.  Mr Withers can be emailed at

My letter to the Mayor is as follows (please feel to use/adapt if you wish to contact the Council):

Mayor Simon Withers

Town of Cambridge

PO Box 15

Dear Mayor Withers

I am writing to you in respect to the 2010-2011 Perth Bicycle Network Local Government Grants and in particular the grants awarded to the Town of Cambridge as referred to in your Council’s announcement at Namely, the following grants:

  1. 1.Jon Sanders Drive Shared Path;
  2. 2.Pearson Street Shared Path;
  3. 3.St John of God Bicycle Parking;
  4. 4.West Coast Highway Recreational Shared Path;
  5. 5.Legal Signage Program.

Mayor I would like to thank you and your Council staff for the excellent work done to date to complete the West Coast Highway Recreational Shared Path and I personally find it improves my regularly commute along West Coast Drive.

However I note in the posting on the Town’s website that it was stated that all the grants would be completed by April 2011.  I don’t believe that this is the case, as I have not seen any evidence on progress for example of the Jon Sanders Drive Shared Path.  As we are now in April 2011 and hence I would appreciate, as I am sure the wider community of cyclists would, a status update on the progress to complete the various works that funding has been provided for.

I look forward to your response and will be updating the readers of and the members at the Australian Cycling Forums upon receipt.

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