A BIcycle Helmet That Phones Home: The Sense Tech HALO

Researchers in the US have developed a helmet with an add-on device that calls for help should it sense an impact strong enough to render a rider unconscious or otherwise incapacitated according to an article at go to report that ..

The SenseTech HALO is now in the final stages of prototyping. One of the developers, Dr Timothy A Bauer, principal clinical research scientist at the University of Colorado, says: “Essentially, it isn’t a helmet but an aftermarket device that can be used with existing helmets…”  The technology is aptly named, as it could prove to be a guardian angel in the event of a crash, ensuring that an injured rider receives medical attention during the golden hour – the one-hour window after injury that’s considered crucial in saving lives. If it senses a bad impact, the SenseTech hardware could call local emergency services, as well as being designed to work with third-party response systems such as invisibleBracelet, Road ID and MedicAlert.

Apparently the Sense Tech Halo is still in prototype stage with no new information as yet in the interwebs. I wonder if this will really ever go anywhere?

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