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BICYCLE EQUIPMENT NOTE: Unsafe Bicycles Found in National Product Safety Survey

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has released a press release summarising the findings of a recent national product safety survey of bicycles and bicycle retailers.  The survey involved a random sample of 311 bicycles from 84 different retailers. The survey included checking for compulsory safety features such as brakes, reflectors and chain guards as well […]

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VIDEO: People for Bikes

Biking is a celebration of movement, freedom, exploration and exercise. Immediately the process shifted to a biker in motion. Stationary murals transformed to moving pieces of art that would manifest as the bike passed locations. With a spark of brilliance an idea was born: live light projection as the art. To show the diversity of bike […]

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ABC 7.30WA Crack down on cyclists

  The ABC 7.30WA “Stateline” program ran a program on Friday May 27, 2011 on cyclists running red lights. I feel that the story was fairly well balanced, however, the point made about sequencing traffic lights better seems to have been misunderstood.  The video of the program will be available at the ABC website until […]

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  I am a regular consumer of bars on my rides, normally a bar every hour.  This is based on the advice of my Sports Dietitian, Bethanie Allanson at the Nutrition Specialists. My preference on my commutes is too just eat muesli bars such as Carman’s or the New Zealand product Mother Earth Baked Oaty Slices. […]

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