CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE: Where is our Cycling Infrastructure City of Perth?


In the past month or so, there has been an interesting campaign on the streets of the City of Perth asking where the cycling infrastructure is; that is the cycling infrastructure that should be provided by the City of Perth as it continues it program of renewal.

The campaign is being co-ordinated by Roland a member of the board at the Bicycle Transport Alliance and a member of the Australian Cycling Forums.  Other forum members have also being helping out with the provision of bikes and locks.  Interestingly the bicycles are being stolen regularly so maybe there is a dual benefit of this campaign (I am assuming a greater need here)!

This campaign highlights a very serious issue with the provision of cycling infrastructure in the City of Perth and more broadly the lack of action by the Western Australia State Government, the Barnett Government on the development and release of the Western Australia Bicycle Plan.  There is hope on the Bicycle Plan now that the Transport Minister is Troy Buswell.  The previous Minister, Simon O’Brien has been judged as a non-performer in wider circles.

The attiude and lack of action by the City of Perth is very disappointing given the Australian National Cycling Strategy 2011-2015 and its over arching goal of doubling cycling participation by 2015.  Without a doubt the City of Perth is doing its bit to insure that this goal is not achived in Western Australia and frankly the City of Perth is lacking in vision and direction in respect to future of alternative transport period.

If you are interested in keeping up to date on this campaign please keep an eye on the Bicycle Transport Alliance website and the related thread at the Australian Cycling Forums, Not happy in the CBD.






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