CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE: Lake Monger Shared Path Gets a Make Over

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The Town of Vincent has announced that they will be shortly (if not already started) replacing two sections of the existing shared path around the Lake Monger.  This is part of the shared path staged replacement program for Lake Monger Reserve and works which are intended to improving user safety and fauna habitats.

The Town has advised …

The first section to be replaced is on the western side of the lake between the bowling club and the north picnic area near Dodd Street.  This path will be constructed slightly higher than the current level to prevent it from flooding during the winter months.  A section of it will also deviate away from the lake’s edge.

The second section to be replaced will be along the south side of the lake along Lake Monger Drive between the western car park and the picnic area to the east, near the Mitchell freeway.  This path will be located next to the Palm trees and about 10 metres from Lake Monger Drive.

As with previous path replacements on the east side of Lake Monger Reserve, the new paths will be constructed from marigold coloured concrete and will be three metres wide.  The alignment of the new paths will assist in improving fauna habitats and with the southern path, will assist in reducing the number of fauna from crossing Lake Monger Drive. [It is also good to see that the paths will be three metres wide. Hopefully pedestrians and cyclists will share the new paths in a considerate manner]

Works are consistent with the Lake Monger Reserve Management Plan 2008-2018 and further shared path replacement works are planned to occur in the near future including replacement of path lights.

If you have any enquiries regarding this work you may contact the Principal Coordinator of Infrastructure Parks Mr Ross Bowman on 9347 6073.

Interested readers can download the Lake Monger Reserve Management Plan 2008-2018 plan here.

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