CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE: Push for dedicated cycle lanes in Perth CBD

Roland Parrotte a Board member of the Bicycle Transport Alliance has been campaigning for improved infrastructure in the City of Perth … a big ask it seems. I blogged on Roland’s efforts here.  Well now the Guardian Express has picked up on what Roland is doing and run a story on his efforts.


Bicycle Transportation Alliance member Roland Parrotte rides a 52km round trip every day but avoids riding through the CBD due to “so many gaps”in the cycling infrastructure.

“For example from the north, the shared paths just stops and you are competing with cars, or stuck behind a bus breathing in exhaust fumes,” Mr Parrotte said.

He said 10 bikes with signs had been placed around the CBD as a statement that the significant St Georges Terrace road works did not include cycling infrastructure .

Separate cycle lanes allowed bikes to travel more efficiently and safely.

“Lots of other capital cities have implemented dedicated cycle lanes. In Perth, we have I think two sections, and they don’t go anywhere –take a look at Murray Street cycle lane and no-one uses it as they don’t go anywhere,” he said.

He believes the City of Perth will continue to be car-dominated unless there are changes in attitudes to support cycling.

The full article can be found at the Guardian Express.

Well done to Roland on his efforts with this campaign and please consider supporting his efforts by commenting at the Guardian Express.

One Response to CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE: Push for dedicated cycle lanes in Perth CBD

  1. Greg 15 October 2011 at 6:23 PM #

    I’m a cyclist of many decades and I would love to ride to my workplace in the Perth CBD but I don’t have a death wish. Why on earth does this city lead to you to the gate and refuse to let you in? We don’t need super-wide footpaths on St George’s Terrace, we need dedicated bike lanes! I cannot understand the logic of what’s been done. Can anyone explain it?

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