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I have decided to split the blog into two and half blogs, the existing blog here where you are reading this and a second blog, Aushiker @ Posterous. I am also using Tumblr, Aushiker @ Tumblr for photos only. The idea is that the main blog, will continue to focus more on cycling in Western Australia, owner reviews, my cycling and related issues (e.g., cycling safety, training and other “serious” topics). Aushiker @ Posterous will be more about the many “things” I find on the web which I think are worth sharing but  maybe don’t fit with or can be more easily shared using the Posterous platform.

Updates to Aushiker @ Posterous will be reflected in the widget to the right, on Twitter and on Facebook. Also if you wish you can subscribe to Aushiker @ Posterous for email updates or make use of your favourite RSS reader via this link.

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