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I am a regular consumer of bars on my rides, normally a bar every hour.  This is based on the advice of my Sports Dietitian, Bethanie Allanson at the Nutrition Specialists. My preference on my commutes is too just eat muesli bars such as Carman’s or the New Zealand product Mother Earth Baked Oaty Slices. however on longer rides such as Audax rides I like to add in to the mix formulated energy bars, hence my checking out of Mule Bars.  I purchased a sample of Mule Bars from Evans Cycles where they sell them as single bars. I glad I took this option rather than going for a case or three as they have turned out to be a less than exciting product.

I have tried six Mule Bar products which are made by Fuel for Adventure: Four Mule Bars – Pinacolada; Hunza Nut; Chocolate Fig Fiesta; Mango Tango Mule Bar and two Mule Bar Reful bars – Chocolate Banana and Chocolate Date Recovery.  My thoughts on each of the bars follows.

Pinacolada: This is one for those with a sweet tooth in my view. Whilst I found the bar was quite sweet it was easy to chew and swallow.  A handy feature when you are moving along. The other advantage is that the packet is easy to open whilst riding along.  If I could cope with the sweetness, I suspect could eat a few over a longer ride, well that was my initial thought when I tried a Mule Bar for the first time.


Hunza Nut: This was the second bar that I tried.  Again I found it fairly sweet and easy to chew and swallow. The packaging was easy to open whilst riding along.


Chocolate Fig Fiesta:  As with the other bars in this range, it is easy to chew and swallow and the packaging is easy to open on the ride. This bar was a touch more tasty than the others I had tried but I was by now getting over the sweetness of the bars.

Mango Tango:  As with the other bars in this range, it is easy to chew and swallow and the packaging is easy to open on the ride.  Given the name I was expecting this to be another sweet bar but was surprised to find it was not as sweet as expected. However that said, I am struggling to get much of  taste difference from the other Mule Bars and by this bar I was over the sweet taste.  If you have a more refined palate I suspect these bars may not be to your liking.


The last two bars tried are the:


Mule Bar Reful – Chocolate Banana. This had a milder taste, but is a much heavy bar and hence I found it not so easy to eat on the road. I found trying to eat one of these in one go was just too much to be enjoyable.


Mule Bar Reful – Chocolate Date Recovery Bar. I had to check the packaging as I thought I had two Chocolate Banana bars. I couldn’t tell the difference so to me it was quite disappointing.


In summary Mule Bars are off my shopping list and I am back to Carman’s and Mother Earth bars.


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