RECALL: Potential of Hydrogen Pty Ltd pH Bicycles

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Product Safety Recalls Australia (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) has announced a recall of three models in the Potential of Hydrogen Pty Limited bicycle range. The models recalled are: pH01 Sulphuric Acid; pH06.Saliva, and pH09 Baking Soda.

The hazard resulting in the recall is that in the absence of a chain guard, entrapment of clothing or body parts could occur in between the upper junction of the chain and chain wheel, i.e., the bikes lack a chain guard as per the requirements of mandatory standard for pedal cycles.

The models affected by the recall where sold between December 1, 2010 and April 30, 2011.

Product Safety Recalls Australia advisors that:

Consumers should stop riding the bicycles immediately and contact Potential of Hydrogen Pty Ltd to be directed to the nearest authorised dealer to have a chain guard fitted. Call (02) 9550 6550 (0413850227 after hours) or email

The full recall notice can be found here.


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