Town of Cambridge to Get Healthy with Calico Outdoor Fitness Totems

The Town of Cambridge has recently approved the installation of Calico outdoor totem fitness poles along the coastal strip of City and Floreat beaches and around Lake Monger. Along the coast, they’ll be placed along the dual pathway at 500 metre intervals and are used as effort metres to help gauge energy expenditure.  While I suspect that these are aimed at recreational cyclists, runners and walkers, I can see them being handy in some locations for cyclists with training objectives in mind, e.g, sprinting set distances.

The Town of Cambridge states that

The project aims to develop outdoor fitness tracks and activate open spaces.There’s also a free online service that uses energy expenditure figures, together with personal biometrics, to inform users of how much energy they need to consume to maintain a healthy weight.Calico will conduct an observational study for three years to gauge the success of this new health concept.

It’s a great way for residents to get extra exercise into their daily routine and you can take in the great reserves and parks that are available right in your backyard at the same time!The initiative supports the Town’s Strategic Plan by enhancing the use of public open spaces, improving beaches and reserves and encouraging a wide range of physical activity in these areas.

The poles are expected to be installed in August this year [2011].

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