CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE: Regional Shared Path at Scarborough Beach, Scarborough

The City of Stirling is making modifications to the Regional Shared Path (RSP) at Scarborough Beach.  The changes are being implemented to move fast riders from the RSP where it drops down to the “beach” and grassed recreational area/kids playground and then again along the top above Brighton Beach.

The changes to traffic flows at the clock tower roundabout (The Esplanade/Scarborough Beach Road intersection) have allowed for these route changes.  There is discussion about the changes taking place in the Australian Cycling Forums.

Whilst I support in the main the changes (I have never been impressed by the stupidity of some riders and groups who feel the need to ride fast through the recreational area and pass the kids playground so moving them out of this area is a good thing) the changes do have their own issues:

  1. The clock tower roundabout: This is the big issue from my perspective, particularly for riders heading south.  As can be seen from the video, motorists bank up in the roundabout (despite it being a breach of regulation 111 of the WA Road Traffic Code) making it difficult to move through the roundabout south.  This will be an issue as well for northbound riders.  This was an issue when I rode through last night but it is much worse in summer;
  2. The new route goes past the shops etc on The Esplanade.  Pedestrian traffic in summer will be a problem for cyclists creating a potentially dangerous situation for both parties;
  3. Cyclists will have to interact with parking traffic and more so reversing traffic, again this gets much worse in summer and leads to potentially dangerous interactions;
  4. Speed humps:  Speed humps are more annoying than anything else along here as they are reasonably mild in their design;
  5. What impact will the Scarborough Beach Urban Master Design Plan have on further changes to this route?

I hope the negatives are outweighed by the positives but only time will tell.  I also strongly encourage City of Stirling to mark the clock tower roundabout with keep clear road markings to make it clear that blocking the roundabout is not only not okay and but illegal as well.  Also warning road markings are needed outside The Esplanade food shopping area to ensure pedestrians look for cyclists and vice versa.



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