Oxford DigiGauge Tyre Pressure Gauge Owner Review


I purchased an Oxford DigiGauge from Chain Reaction Cycles for AU$25.75 because I had a tour coming up that would require me to vary the tyre pressures on my Giant XTC 2 due to changing riding conditions, that is a mix of on and off-road.  At the time I thought the gauge would be handy for setting the pressures correctly. I was wrong.

Oxford DigiGauge Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge Retail Packaging

Oxford DigiGauge Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge Retail Packaging


Features of the Oxford DigiGauge

The Oxford DigiGauge is designed to work with both presta valves (French) and Schrader valves which is handy for me as the Giant XTC 2 is Presta whereas the BOB Ibex trailer I was using is Schraeder.  Other features of the guage include a “large” backlit LCD display, choice of PSI or KPA or Bar readings, a bleeder valve and a flashlight. Also the head can be rotated. Oh it also comes with a spare CR2032 battery.

Performance of the Oxford DigiGauge

Oxford DigiGauge with Flashlight in operation

Oxford DigiGauge with Flashlight in operation

Well the Oxford DigiGauge worked in that you can check the tyre pressure with it but is it functional? Is it useful? Is it easy to use? For me my answer to three questions is simply no, no, no.  In all honesty I have found it pretty hopeless bit of kit and my preference is now to use a pump with a gauge, such as the  Lezyne micro floor pump. Of course if a pump with a gauge is not your thing then the Oxford DigiGauge may work for you.

The first feature of the Oxford DigiGauge that the manufacturer likes to highlight is the “large backlit LCD display.  Well there is a LCD display, it is backlit but I would hate to think what Oxford considers small is then.  The display is hardly large in my view. It is difficult to read when connected to the valve and hence its functionality is significantly reduced. I guess one could take the wheel of the bike and adjust pressures that way. Maybe the gauge would be more readable then.

The Oxford DigiGauge offers three pressure readings, PSI or KPA or Bar. I stuck to PSI and that aspect seemed to work okay.

The Oxford DigiGauge comes with a flashlight. Well that is really over stating it I would suggest. There is a light you can maybe use to see the valve but that is about it. I would hardly describe it as a flashlight.

The rotating head of the Oxford DigiGauge is its one redeeming feature in my view. This allows you to at least angle the gauge to provide a chance of being able to read the display when the gauge is on the tyre valve.

My final negative is the use of a button battery, a CR2032 battery. It is nice the Oxford DigiGauge comes with a spare battery but I wouldn’t be keen having to muck around with a little battery like this on a tour. Maybe they last a reasonable time so it will not be a hassle, I don’t know as I haven’t used mine again since the first effort so cannot comment much more on that aspect.

In actual use I find it difficult and frustrating to use. I couldn’t easily get a readable reading with the gauge on the valve and found it frustrating having to take the gauge off the wheel, avoid loosing the reading, then letting air out or putting it in and repeating the process.  So in summary, this is one piece of gear that was a waste of time purchasing from my perspective and I will be sticking to a decent pump with a gauge in future.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of the Oxford DigiGauge

The Good

  1. Rotating head of the Oxford DigiGauge

The Bad

  1. Difficult to read large backlit display;
  2. Flashlight – seriously how can you call this a flashlight’
  3. Use of a button battery – no like on tours.

The Ugly

  1. No one thing but simply the Oxford DigiGauge does not work for me.

Resources and Other Websites Related to the Oxford DigiGauge

  • The user instructions for the Oxford DigiGauge are available here;
  • Manufacturer’s website can be found here.


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